Rex (artistic_lunacy) wrote in paperbound,

Universal Choking Sign

Universal Choking Sign, a music magazine from the crew at Black Banana Records, is calling for submissions by writers, artists, and musicians wanting to express/promote themselves in a classy publication to be distributed widely in towns and cities across Canada and select cities around the world. We are accepting Articles, News, Fiction/Non Fiction Stories, Columns, Pictures (photo's,drawings, etc.), Interviews, Scene Reports, Tour Diaries, etc.
Writing for Universal Choking Sign won't be a paid position in the forseeable future but it will get you significant recognition in the music world and the magazine industry.

Submissions can be sent to, the first deadline is the 12th of July, but if something comes to you later, we will be accepting submissions until August 15th.
Forward this to anyone you think would be interested.
Thank you Friends.
I sincerely apologise for cross posting.
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