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Friday, October 23, 2009



My name is chloe hodson, and i write a zine called electricity. i have been writing it for a few years now, so maybe you have seen me before.

anyways, being busy and all i have had some trouble finding time to sell and promote the last few issues of my zine (Electricity vol.2 issues #1,2, & 3)

i was wondering if anyone had a distro i could submit to, or some ideas on how to promote with out it being so time consuming.

Thanks so much!

Chloe Hodson

my email is: oooitselectric@msn.com
if you have any questions!

Friday, June 1, 2007


i have a new zine coming out, electricity #6. and i want to try to sell as many copies as i can, so im going to be sending a bunch of copies to distros. so if you are a distro or know of a good one, i would love if you could post their address or a way to contact them.

And I will be posting shortly with my new zine and how you can get a copy! Be excited:D

Thank you much,
Chloe hodson


Sunday, January 21, 2007


since this zine project has become so big,
i decided to make a space.
and i definatly think you should add it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
cameron is wonderful and made me this banner!

thanks for the support!

Chloe Hodson

Saturday, December 30, 2006


check out my zine
“electricityCollapse )

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Here is a great site to use if you've never made a chapbook or zine before. Lots of helpful hints.

Monday, July 10, 2006

12:26PM - Cult of Youth #2 Zine Release party - July 18

Hold your horses kids, the Summer issue of Cult of Youth hits Seattle streets NEXT WEEK! Since its summer, what the heck, let's have a party.

Cult of Youth Reader #2 Release
TUESDAY July 18, 8pm

Chez "HomeRoom"

Cock & Swan
R B Reed
The Way it is

Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
All Ages, $6

Catch this limited edition artist book with biting critical theory, beach-ready reading, refershing viewpoints on the good ol' "age" question, and lots of original art (and a 2-color poster) by the likes of Adam Beadel, Crystal Smith, Luke Ramsey, Marianne Goldin, Aaron Huebner, Julia Gfroerer and more. COY will also be hitting the PDX Zine Symposium later in August, so don't miss your chance to get a rare copy.

Be well,
Marianne (Editor, Cult of Youth Reader)


**The Cult of Youth Project is supported by Sedrat Arts**

Saturday, January 7, 2006

1:51PM - New How-to self publishing zine

Hello all.
Just a quick post to let you know I've just put out a new one shot zine 'Publish and Be Published - How to publish a novel, diy style, and sell it for the price of a shop bought sandwich without ending up skint or suicidal'! It costs 50 p plus 21p postage in the UK or $2 (US) including postage in the US. Find out more at www.eddiewillson.cjb.net. Cheers! (Cross posted a bit -sorry)

Friday, October 28, 2005

10:30AM - New zine of short stories

I'm new to LJ. Hope it's okay to briefly let you know about the zine of short stories I've just put out. The stories have mostly appeared in small mags in the UK and US. The zine, You Are Here, is A5 /half size, 60 pages; £1.35 (uk) or $3(us) inc post, from www.eddiewillson.cjb.net. Also available from Cause and Effect distro www.causeandeffectdistro.com, and sometime soon from all that glitters distro www.allthatglittersdistro.co.uk . Cross posted a bit. Cheers.

Friday, July 8, 2005

8:23PM - Universal Choking Sign

Universal Choking Sign, a music magazine from the crew at Black Banana Records, is calling for submissions by writers, artists, and musicians wanting to express/promote themselves in a classy publication to be distributed widely in towns and cities across Canada and select cities around the world. We are accepting Articles, News, Fiction/Non Fiction Stories, Columns, Pictures (photo's,drawings, etc.), Interviews, Scene Reports, Tour Diaries, etc.
Writing for Universal Choking Sign won't be a paid position in the forseeable future but it will get you significant recognition in the music world and the magazine industry.

Submissions can be sent to jesara@blackbanana.com, the first deadline is the 12th of July, but if something comes to you later, we will be accepting submissions until August 15th.
Forward this to anyone you think would be interested.
Thank you Friends.
I sincerely apologise for cross posting.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

11:26AM - of distros & message boards

-- still looking for zine submissions for my distro, Eclectic Starsparks: eclectic-starsparks.org. also the message boards are a great place to come and advertise your zines & crafts; the more people who join, the more exposure *you* receive! the distro is looking for zines of all types, from perzines to political awareness, so send them in for consideration!

Saturday, January 31, 2004


Passing the information along...
This was posted in another forum:

As you'll see below, I'm editing a new lit.journal. I'm hoping ours can become a truly international publication, spreading and sharing the best of the world's writers who work in English. My problem of the moment is getting the word out. I'll be sending this call for submissions to writer's organizations across Europe, but internet communities of writers (or communities with representation on the internet) in developing nations are more difficult to find. I think I'll have to rely on casting out to a wide net of friends, with the expectation that the message will travel from hand (computer) to hand (computer) if the word is to be well spread.

Please pass this along and encourage your friends to do the same. And if you've got any writing you'd like to send our way...

Thanks Nzingha

January 20, 2004


I, along with Brian Alan Lane, have just joined Matt Herlihy as the editors of Sweet Fancy Moses. SFM was started by Matt three years ago as a literary webzine. If you're familiar with the SFM website (www.sweetfancymoses.com), you know that it's been a reliable source for great fiction and creative non-fiction.

In SFM's second incarnation, the format will change. SFM will soon be transformed into a quarterly, fiction-only (print, not web) literary journal. You will be able to find back issues of SFM's web and print editions on the website. The creative non-fiction component that was formerly part of SFM will be spun off to a new site called Tales Told. Tales Told will feature all sorts of non-fiction content, from serialized life histories to essays.

So here's the deal: I need fiction.

My brief is simple, I want the best short- to medium-length fiction I can lay my hands on. We are, unfortunately, limited to writing in English but the world is huge and I want to see the world represented in our pages.

10,000 words is our maximum story length and we are interested in all genres. We welcome the submissions of published and established writers but, we will not favor published writers over newcomers. Everyone who feels their work is ready to be read by the world is invited to submit. The quality of the writing will be the only arbiter of our choices.

All accepted authors will be paid, on terms to be disclosed upon acceptance.

No simultaneous submissions will be accepted.

How to find us:

Because we're accepting (and expecting) submissions from all over the globe, we will not be maintaining an Inbox in the material world. You can find us at submit@sweetfancymoses.com. Stories should be in MSWord, sent as attachments.

The deadline for the next issue (Summer 2004) is March 1, 2004 and we will respond to all authors by May 1st.

With each submission, we need to know:
--Word Count of your story
--Your Name
--Your E-mail Address
--Your Address
--Your Phone Number

So writers, dazzle me. Send your best work and show us what you've got.

My hope is that every person who reads this letter will pass it along to every writer they know (with a special eye to covering as much geographical distance as possible) and that I'll soon be besieged by submissions from every corner of the world. I look forward to reading you all.

Nzingha Clarke >>

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

4:58PM - Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro

I'll make this quick, cross posts can be annoying ;) I've created a brand new Australian-based distro, Eclectic Starsparks, send your zine in for consideration as I'm looking for ALL types of zines from all over the world. This distro has been created with the intent of helping to promote what "free speech" really is, as a forum for people to have their say on the world around them. Personal zines, zines with a political/activist edge to them, poetry, fiction, prose, memoirs... I'm interested in looking at anything. Mass media is controlled by those who have money; our media will be controlled by those who have WORDS. Lets take back the power and tell it like it really is, not what the corporate enterprises want us to hear. That's what Eclectic Starsparks is all about, so send in your work and be heard.

For more information, go to eclectic-starsparks.org or email me, jade, at distro@eclectic-starsparks.org.

&flyer?Collapse )

Sunday, December 14, 2003


hi, im starting a new zine distro. i have a couple of titles already, but i need more. anyone interested can send me a copy of theirs or email me. after i get everything in order, ill post with adverts and such.

leland press
pobox 1661
mckinney, tx


i thought that i would specialize in fiction writing/poetry zines, since i dont really see much of those around, but im open to anybody whos willing right now.

i also have a question. i was wondering if i carry a zine, how many copies should i buy to keep in stock? i would appreciate any advice you experienced distroers have.


Saturday, July 19, 2003


i've finished yet another hand-written journal. i'm thinking baout binding this next one myself. i'll probably go with the japanese binding. but, i'm not sure yet.
how many of you still keep handwritten journals/diaries/thought books?

Sunday, July 6, 2003


Hi, I just recently joined up with the community. Thought I'd waste space and tell everyone that. Um, yeah.

I'm sort of an ambitious, would-be-author, but the idea of publishing something on my own has always fascinated me too.

That's about it.... yep.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

5:09PM - ontario?


is anyone here from ontario, and more specifically, the toronto area?

i have this dream show in my head that i one day want to put on but i can't do it alone. i want it to be a show that has bands who play very different music. (for example, a folk act, a punk act, a hip hop act and an electronica act) i want it to be a drug-free event out of respect for under age people and people struggling with addictions. i also want to sell some vegan food and have tables for zine-selling. i'd want the show to be very cheap and have any profits go to charity.

basically, i want it be a safe space where people of all different backgrounds can come together to share art and try out new things. if anyone in the area thinks this is a cool idea, let me know. maybe we can make it happen!


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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

7:18PM - another step for the road.

one idea is to set up a trends journal, and possibly and idea page. this can be ongoing with the creation of your story.
this next fill-in the blank is cut as it is a bit longer than the others.
CLICK ME!!!!Collapse )
**note: change these as you see fit, add or subtract. it's often easier to make a story when you know all about your main character. you can also use this same template for the opposing character(s), the romantic interest (if any), and any other character. really, it is much easier to integrate characters when you know their history. even if it is a little one.

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Saturday, May 3, 2003

1:57PM - the second step.

remember our previous fill in the blank? well, here's what's next.
we have to have our lead facing a crisis situation. sort of like a series of "what ifs," and "supposes."
What if _________?
Suppose ________.
Then you pick the most interesting one down. The others may still be used, you never know.

What if the hat was going to be sat on?
Suppose if it were steamed, it would lose its sentience or have amnesia.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

3:47AM - en exercise to get you creating.

fill in the blanks.

The genre of the story I am creating is __________________________________.
The lead of my story is a _______________________________________________.

Interpret story as anything. As every art form tells some type of story. Elaborate if you want. Have fun with it.

The genre of the story I am creating is satire.
The lead of my story is a hat.

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

9:00AM - A quick start


I was looking to have some of my fiction work published, so I visited the Tor homepage.... For those of you who don't read fiction, Tor is one of the major publishers... however, it gives the impression of the literary world version of McDonalds. They either print horrible stuff (I blame the editors, not the writers) or they make run on books.. (i.e. Wheel of time, The recluse series).

Thats good and bad at the same time.. You're garunteed a career if they publish even one of your books.. but at the same time... what are you doing to your writing career.... One of those "deal with the devil" type situations...

I'm looking into Del Rey now... I'll post back later on what I can find.

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